9 Best careers for women in 2021


A Women plays a very vital role in life, he can be his husband, child, father any one most of them rely on her for their day-to-day life. Women plays the role of the most important player in the team, without whom one can never win a match or even play. All these years they have been proving all men by showing some great shots all around the world.

Today women have excelled in all possible fields, where before we used to think they can’t fit in. All credits goes to their hardwork and rigid will. In today’s life if a woman wants to do something they can simply opt for a job as per their qualifications.

As far as now we have been through many outstanding examples, according to Forbes Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman on earth today. Alice Walton one of the richest women in the world. Kamala Harris the vice president of the USA and many more. All these have left the mark of excellence in their fields.

Being a woman is a hectic job at times but they know how to get the job done. They manage all the stuff on their own and some also step out and do jobs. Managing all those stuff single-handedly is not an easy task so we need to respect them to the utmost.


Cooking as far as now is an art and woman have been doing it for long ago. Almost every man or boy in this world has a mom or wife to cook food for them every day. She never hesitates to cook food after doing all household chores. You can also do that for your loving ones. You can also take it to another level by taking party orders, baking cakes, and many more.



A nurse is a job that is always meant for women. Have you ever taught of a nurse who is a man? This is the job you can do very skillfully, all you need to do is take care of the patient. A nurse can make 98000 dollars in the US, this amount is an amount that needs to be considered.


A Physiotherapist is a job where you need delicate hands to handle the muscles. This is also the job where you’ll see women more than men. You can easily make 40000 dollars from it and even up to 100000 if you are one of the best therapists. But it comes at a cost you need to have knowledge about every muscle and nerves, all this knowledge can be gathered by 3-year degree.


IT is a sector where you don’t need to do any physical activity. This sector only runs on brains that you spend coding or managing. For this job, you need to master a coding language and opt for any freelance website for jobs sitting at home. Not only coding but there are many more fields in the  IT sector where women can explore.


This can be a good source of income if you know to teach. All you need to do is choose a subject that you have already mastered and start tuition from your home. You can be paid a good amount for your services. This profession is easy for the ones who know how to convey the point in students mind, if you know it well you’ll be cherished for every achievement of your students.


This can the future of jobs, where people work for every project with a fixed charge. There are multiple site available, you can opt for any job that you are capable off. If you have a skill that can be sold, you are most welcomed all you need is a machine to work on and a internet connection. The skill can be anything varying from drawing, writing, blogging, typing any thing that can be done online.

Designers, painters

Designers can be of any, interior designer, automobile designer, everything need to be put on paper before initiating. You’ll be the one to show how it’ll look once it’s done. Painters don’t need to be addressed, everybody loves painting attached to a wall. If you have the art of painting you don’t need to think of anything else, start right now.

News reporters/ anchors

News play a crucial role in any country. People comes to about the chores going around the world, all because of the reporters and anchors who deliver it to the common people. They are paid a huge amount once you reach to an height where you host a news program. For this job you need to be ready at any time or day you may not get a holiday as others do.

Cottage business

This is one of the best option for any woman who wants to explore life and world. With this you’ll get to know how businesses work. Gather a group of people and you can start producing goods that’s needed in your locality, by maintaining the quality and raising the bar you can spread your wings. Products can be any thing right from stitching clothes to food items. During this lockdown masks were needed in great quantity, this can be your product. Using the opportunity at that time and changing the products according to the need will help your business to grow more.


Every woman in this world has the right to pay bills on their own and you have it in you. So rather than thinking of anything else or about the consequences start now. In start you may face some hurdles but once you are into the game. You’ll go on n on.

Also, this article has the best option you can start in this pandemic. Most of them you might have taught before doing but now it’s time for you to be you.

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