Difficulties As a teenage daughter of divorced women

Difficulties As a teenage


Family is like a tree having branches in a different direction yet, its roots remain the same. Children are the branches and, their parents are the root of this tree. When roots get separated, the whole family tree gets affected. As a teenage daughter of divorced parents is always difficult for both the daughter and the mother.

Women after divorce with her teenage daughter when gets, detached from this tree they face a lot of issues. A teenage girl mood swings are like mercury hitting the thermometer temperature to the most. While her mother is in the deep grief of losing her partner with whom she ties the vows are no more with her. She tries to find love and affection in her daughter, but her behaviour acts as an obstruction.

So, to solve this subject matter some possible ways double be suggested by this article.

About teenage

teenage daughter

Teenage is that stage where children experience thousands of changes in their life. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the age span of 10-19 is adolescence. In the teenage period, a girl seems interested in a thing but in no time the situation gets changes. This period is when they want them to be independent and try every possible way to do it. Parents find it problematic to handle their child at this stage, and it becomes more challenging for a single mother. There innumerable responsibilities on her shoulder, the most important of which is to take care of her daughter. She has to be both for her that is a mother and a father too. 

This phase is a psychological, physiological, physical, and behavioural change. It is the time when most girls are hit by puberty and evident physical changes in their bodies. Such changes can be uncomfortable and make them conscious of their appearance. 

They tend to change their individualities. They found it demeaning when suggestions were given to them about their changing behaviour. Furthermore, being a child of a divorced mother, she faces a social complex which brings an enormous change in her attitude. 

A ton of changes is evident in a girl while she was in her teenage, which needs to be found and treated.

Changes in a girl during her teenage

A girl came across many physical, psychological, and behavioural changes in her adolescence. Some of them are:

Mood Disorder

This thing is one of the most common and upheaval differences that you can notice. According to the research conducted by the Child mind institute, before puberty girls, and boys have the same amount of mood disorder. But during the adolescence period, there is a disparity in girl mood. It tends to increase as twice as before. 

Such mood disorders result in changes in appetite, interests, and rebellious behaviour towards their parent. Due to this, a parent finds it difficult to handle her daughter.


At this stage, when a girl is having an enormous amount of changes in her body, her mental health also changes. She is becoming self-conscious, a fear of being judged by society is building in her mind. She is lacking the love and support of a father and a thousand other things. And unknowingly makes her way to the road of depression. There can be no visible symptoms of depression instantly. But they can be noticed by the passing of time. She starts avoiding her friends, barely reacts to anything, gets irritated easily.


Girls usually stress over their physical and psychological demands. Instead of focusing on themselves, they focus on others. They adjust their lifestyle according to the needs of society and stress over it. 

The factor of developing stress is, ‘What if people don’t like her?’ This thing makes them overthink about other people opinions instead of their own.

How as a teenage daughter of divorced parents causes problems

 A divorced mother finds it more difficult to handle all the stress solely. These changes in her daughter lifestyle can affect her in the following wits.

Lack of support

A mother who gets separated from her husband craves support. Her daughter is the closest being to whom she wants to share her feelings. But these adolescent changes change the behaviour of her daughter. Instead of backing her mother, her daughter shows reckless behaviour. This thing makes her feel like parting from her daughter too, and she feels a lack of support. 


These changes are highly demotivating for a single mother. The situation she faces is demotivating in itself. In addition to it, she is struggling with her relationship with her daughter. It can be highly demotivating for her and make her overthink. Eventually increasing the stress level and makes her body a home of mental diseases.


 As a teenage daughter of divorced parents starts having trust issues. When a marriage broke, society questions the integrity of a lady not of a husband. They expect her to make her marriage successful in every circumstance. But when separation occurs, society judged her on every possible aspect. Due to this, she is having self-doubt about her capability of maintaining relations. When the same things happen between her and her teenage daughter, it can bring negative thoughts in her life, which can be of the worst nature. 


Nothing is permanent, and every problem is a solution. The same goes for this. Some easy and applicable solutions for the problems are:

Understanding the behaviour

The first and foremost thing that you should do in such a situation is, observe and understand your teenage behaviour. You had experienced this situation and know better about it. To understand the problem of your daughter, share your ordeals with her. And suggest to her some, to handle it. 

Do not argue

Rebellious behaviour is normal during the period. No matter how much you try to convince her, she will argue with it. As she wants her decision to be considered and want to show she is as independent as you are.

Instead of imposing your decisions on her, consider her choice. Allow her to be participative in decisions too. Show her support in every possible way until there is an inevitable situation.


A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart. So, show her that you care for her no matter if the whole world is against her. She will understand at a time, and this bond will be the firm relationship 

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