how women after breakup heal emotionally?

how women after breakup heal emotionally?

A relationship is one of the most ravishing and indelible phases in a girl’s life. Some of them experience an everlasting bond with their partner. While women after breakup get to experience a painful and stressful end of their relation, which they never expect in their wildest dreams. 

When a girl wishes to be with someone, she applies every permutation and combination to last her relationship. Despite it, she sometimes ends up in a situation where her emotional well being gets adversely affected. That person who enters in a relationship as a girl is now becoming a women whose sentiments has been shattered and expectations are no more alive. 

Once in a lifetime, a girl finds herself stuck in such a situation and, she has no idea of dealing with it. It is essential to deal with such situations. So, this article gives you a glimpse of your problems and the solution to those problems. It also gives you the lessons that you should learn from them. Then only, you will be able to rebuild and strengthen your personality, which makes you independent of your relationship.

What Makes A Breakup Painful? 

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A breakup can be hurtful for various reasons such as:

Change in a daily routine while:

 You were in a relationship there are many things that you do for your relation. The most important of it is that you find time for your partner and that hour of the day is reserved for him. This thing becomes your daily routine, and you became addicted to it.

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When this relationship breakdowns, a drastic change takes place in your life. That addiction triggers you as now you cannot do those things. Especially that hour of the day which was available for your partner hurts you the most. Therefore, women after breakup find it difficult to handle the silence of those moments.

Feel like losing an investment:

Relationships involve a huge investment of emotions, time, effort, attention and many more things. The loss of a bond can make you feel like everything you put in that relationship is just a waste. The worst part is that you start feeling like you have no worth. This thought continuously strikes your mind and makes you suffer until it aches. 

Women after breakup start self-doubting:

A breakup can generate the feeling of self-doubt as you start questioning your worth and efforts. You consider yourself as a failure and focus your mind on this thought. Due to this, it appears to have a mental pressure on you, which can cause extreme pain.

HOW women after a breakup can DEAL WITH it? 

You can never settle any relationship woes in a couple of hours. Healing is not an overnight process. It takes time, courage and patience too. Dealing with a breakup can be stressful, but the crux of this process is very fruitful. There are several points which you need to focus on to set things right. 

Some of them are:

Avoid isolation:

Women after breakup, the first thing they try to do is to isolate them. Do not urge towards the isolation as it can lead you to a stage of depression. Spend time with your friends and family and allow them to take care of you.

Let the emotions flow:

Do not try to hold your emotions and keep fighting with them. When you try to control your feelings, you only hurt yourself. Therefore, let your sentiments flow and make your heart lighter. 

Accept the truth:

Stop avoiding the truth of your breakup and start accepting it. Whatever is the reason of your breakdown, you should accept it. Acceptance means you are letting go the person, and you must not hold any grudges against your ex. As holding on grudges only have a negative impact on you. 

women after breakup should do what they love:

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Focus on your hobbies and do things which make you happy. Your hobbies act as your distractions from your constant thinking of your past. Read some good books, travel with your friends, eat the food you like. Apart from it, you can also learn some new skills.

Do not rebound in a relationship:

When your relationship ends, you may feel like finding a new partner to overcome the loss of previous. But it is not the right thing to do as you cannot make another person a rehabilitation centre for yourself. 

THINGS women after BREAKUP learns:

A heartbreak can teach you many lessons and, you should learn them. They help you to avoid doing the same mistakes in future. It also adds a lifetime experience in your journey.  A breakup is not an end of everything. It is not a thing to keep hold of but, it is surely a thing to remember. The end of a relationship can be painful but, the relation you had is not. Do remember the beautiful moments you spend and the ways you celebrated them. Cherish those memories instead of the heartbreak. 

There are thousands of women who face this situation but, not everyone takes the same time to heal. So, never compare yourself with others. Always keep in mind that not every situation is permanent and not every person is the same. There are people whom you can trust again. They will be worth your time. 

Never handle a breakup like a girl, always deal with it like a lady. You are a warrior and, you will win this war no matter how painful it is. Keeping in mind that, all the problems you overcome and all the challenges you face requires a lot of courage. So, hold your head high and move forward with strength. Be an inspiration and support for others.


Past can never be changed and, nothing can be achieved if you stuck yourself in it. The most important thing that we should always remember is that beautiful and awful both exist together. So, a breakup is just another phase of your life and, it will surely pass. After that, there will be a new day waiting for you to shine.

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